Satisfaction Questionnaire

Age (in years) 20-25 25-30 31-35 35-40 >40
Color Group Blue White Yellow Green

Educational background

Previous experience in medicine years months
Computer awareness gradinginadequatepooradequategoodexcellent

Kindly comment on the following factors given below regarding the resource
Please grade your score from 1—5
(1 “strongly agree” 2 “agree” 3 “not sure” 4 “disagree” and 5“strongly disagree”)


1 2 3 4 5
Only a part of the learning material was really necessary
I would learn more by using other learning methods (e.g.) reading a book, lectures.
The knowledge acquired with the multimedia instruction will be very useful
The learning material of this subject will not be useful for further study/work
My interest in this subject fell with time
Some topics were hard to understand without additional leaning material

Learning methodology

1 2 3 4 5
Learning with computer-based multimedia was a complete waste of time
The material was often not understandable or comprehensible
Some topics were not clear enough
The material was very well organised
Learning with computer - based multimedia was boring
The lessons were understandable or comprehensible and systematic
The topics were very carefully prepared
The topics were very interesting

Clearness of the multimedia instruction

1 2 3 4 5
The learning materials were given too quickly
The learning materials stimulated my interest in the content of the subject
I got used to independent thinking
I followed the learning materials very carefully
These learning materials will enable me to do further independent study
I could use the multimedia instruction without additional explanation
The computer based multimedia instruction was easy to use.
My expectations about learning the materials were fulfilled

Presentation and organisational quality of the materials

1 2 3 4 5
Some topics were hard to follow
I would prefer other learning methods
I could not get a whole overview over the learning material of the subject
I could not take an active part during learning
I learned a lot in a short time through this method of learning
The learning materials were too extensive
Other subjects should involve multimedia instruction as well
The learning material was excellent

Learning material adequacy for subsequent case management

1 2 3 4 5
The learning materials were too easy
The learning material was completely new to me
This kind of learning material offers mostly the important information for case management
Sometimes it was hard to distinguish between more and less important things
The level of these lessons was convenient for my knowledge
More case studies would make material more understandable or comprehensible

How would you improve this course?

3 things you would like to change in the resource
3 things you would like to retain in the resource
What other information would you like to add to the resource?